Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer: Flula Is A Dick!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.52.36 AM

My coworker Rachel is going to hate me for writing about this — she lives for all things Anna Kendrick and “Pitch Perfect.” But you know what they say about the early handsome guy getting the worm. That’s the saying, right?

Of course I’d be hard-pressed not to write about the dropping of this trailer for “Pitch Perfect 2” because it gives us our first glimpse of our homeboy Flula, who plays a snarky bouncer at the Acapella World Contest or something similarly named.

Directed by budding YouTuber Elizabeth Banks, the sequel to the underdog chick flick hit (seriously, what girl doesn’t watch this damn movie ALL. THE. TIME.?) features fellow YouTubers Flula and Pentatonix.

And at the risk of surrendering my “man card,” this flick looks Aca-mazing!


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