Ponder Life and Start Discussion with The1Janitor

From breaking the illusion of the friendzone to discussing controversial topics like men’s issues, Kevin Peterson aka The1Janitor tackles it all on his vlog!

What is awesome about Peterson’s channel is that it’s a damn-near-brutal dose of honesty. He doesn’t expect you to agree with him all the time (hell it even kind of freaks him out if you do) and he does videos on things he feels strongly about. These topics are covered on his series #Das Jus Me Doe.

I first noticed Peterson a couple of years ago when he released his video under #Das Jus Me Doe, dispelling the illusion of the “nice guy”:

Over the course of the past two years his video output increased from a video every three months or so, to roughly a video a week filled with advice and poignant anecdotes.

He also has another series called RE: in which he addresses issues that fans have requested his viewpoints on. In the latest video, he discusses catcalling:

He also does a great job at discussing both sides of a controversial issue. For examples, here’s his view on Men’s Issues:

Peterson even took the time to explain how to build a YouTube audience, for those of you who have an interest in building your own channels:

Overall, he’s enjoyable to listen to, encourages discussion in the comments of his videos, and even addresses them. This guy is pretty rad, and should be added to anyone’s subscribe list.


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