‘Prank It Forward’ Puts Roof On With 2nd Season

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 2.21.04 PM

I didn’t used to get all misty-eyed when I saw charity shit go down, but all this goodness from YouTubers lately has me reaching for the tissue box. Hosted by the fantastic Greg Benson, Prank It Forward has just entered its second season. And they couldn’t have picked a neater way to make someone’s day. Cara Simmons, a housecleaner and single mother of three who was recently hospitalized for exhaustion, gets the surprise of her life when she is tasked with cleaning a very important house: her own.

Yup, Prank It Forward’s Defy Media & Break Media teamed up with Barefoot Wines to buy a lady her own house! And she didn’t even actually have to clean it — she went to the house and spent the day getting pampered.

It’s one of those videos that makes you proud to be a human (not like “Angie vs. Bath & Body Works”).

This footage completely trumps their season one efforts, which pulled in roughly 30 million pairs of eyeballs. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store: maybe someone will choose to take care of a sweet, hardworking new media reporter who REALLY DESERVES to live a dream life of motorcycles, strippers and cocaine?


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