Random Trend: Alex From Target Is An Internet Superstar

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Chances are, if you jumped on your computer for even a minute this weekend, you already know about Alex from Target. He is officially a part of celebrity 2.0 — that undefinable new categorization of people who sprang into internet demigod status for almost no reason at all.

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Alex, an average teenager employed at mega department store Target is now an official web celeb after a random photo of him bagging goods went überviral. What fans and observers of the “Alex” trend are calling “the fastest growing meme ever,” this photo has taken the internet by storm and Alex himself by surprise.

Taking to his Twitter account, Alex admits he’s going to have to change his number now, with all the sudden fans reaching out to him. Not only is he trending on Twitter, but as of now, he has over 300,000 new Twitter followers and that number is growing by the second.

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Others have tried to mimic the trend (Frankie from Starbucks) but these will fade out and fail in the wake of the behemoth that is Alex from Target. All will live and die by his benevolence alone. Until the internet decides he’s either become a) too overexposed or b) too cocky for the adulation “the internet” has bestowed upon him. And at that point, his “celebrity” will be abruptly yanked from him. And he will be left to the circuit of former web celebs, just happy to sit at an autograph booth alongside David After Dentist and Grumpy Cat.

Such is the quick life and death of celebrity 2.0. But Alex, who is already being namechecked like crazy on Vine (including by him), is in for a hell of a fun ride until that happens. Make the money while you can, Alex.

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If you’re confused by this bizarre meme, you might just have lost touch with internet culture at large — random is the new black, folks. And what could be more random than some average teen working at some average minimum wage type job being turned into an instantaneous mega-celeb by some random denizen of the internet. Sure, it’s illogical. But welcome to the future.


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