Recasting Movies With YouTubers: The Princess Bride

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Since we’re weekend warriors now, it only makes sense that we break from the pack and engage in some rampant free-thinking. Pretty soon YouTube and Hollywood should completely merge and we will be seeing our favorite YouTubers starring in our favorite TV shows and movies. Of course, until that point, we can only speculate on what might have been had this merger happened 10, 20 or 500 years ago. So every weekend, we take a pop culture movie and recast it with YouTubers who we think might have worked perfectly in that role.

This week: The Princess Bride

The story of Westley and Buttercup, two soulmates torn from one another by “the Dread Pirate Roberts,” who “never leaves captives alive,” The Princess Bride is one of the great classic fantasy movies of all time. A story of revenge, cunning, daring do, swordfights and Rodents Of Unusual Sizes, William Goldman’s tale is easily one of the most fun stories to recast with YouTubers. Here are our choices:

Westley & Buttercup

Played in the movie by: Cary Elwes & Robin Wright
Played in our version by: Screen Team’s Chad & Angie

The crux of this casting is true love. Angie and Chad, partners on the Screen Team who are engaged to be married in real life, seem to fit that bill perfectly. Angie is a nerd hottie who seems way out of Chad’s league (congrats, bud!), so you get the idea that he would go to the ends of the earth to protect Angie, which is about as romantic and true love-y as it gets in life and on YouTube.

Prince Humperdink

Played in the movie by: Chris Sarandon
Played in our version by: Phil DeFranco

You shouldn’t even have to question why this one fits perfectly. This might be the best recasting I’ve ever done.

Inigo Montoya

Played in the movie by: Mandy Patinkin
Played in our version by: Laci Green

The heroic, stop at nothing expert swordsman driven by burning revenge to kill the six-fingered man who slew his father is a plum part. But of all the YouTubers who might be a good fit, Laci Green wins the part hand down. She’s fierce, she’s fearless, she’s lovable! She makes justice her primary issue and for that, her name is Inigo Montoya, you touched girls’ asses, prepare to die!


Played in the movie by: Andre the Giant
Played in our version by: Harley Morenstein

Pixar has John Ratzenberger, NMR has Harley Morenstein. Who but the mountain man of YouTube could play Fezzik, the giant with a heart of gold? I can already imagine him carrying all his cohorts up the Cliffs of Insanity on his back.


Played in the movie by: Wallace Shawn
Played in our version by: EpicLloyd

That someone else could play this role as well as EpicLloyd is INCONCEIVABLE! Not that we do our casting based on physical appearances, but the fact that EpicLloyd kinda looks like Wallace Shawn is the icing on the cake. The fact that he’s always going off about how brilliant he is makes Vizzini a natural fit for Epic Rap Battles of History.

Miracle Max & Valerie

Played in the movie by: Billy Crystal & Carol Kane
Played in our version by: PrankvsPrank

The two characters that are always at each others throats, but ultimately love each other. Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, stars of the mega-popular PrankvsPrank would CRUSH it in the roles of the miracle-working woodsman and his quarrelling wife. Damn, with these two in it, I suddenly really, really want to see this movie.

The Grandfather

Played in the movie by: Peter Faulk
Played in our version by: Wisecrack (Thug Notes)

Where else are you gonna get the straight dope of a good story boiled down to its best parts and thematic elements? Only Thug Notes can deliver knowledge and strict paternal lessons from the school of hard knocks. His grandson acting a fool? Sparky Sweets will put him right back in line.

The Grandson

Played in the movie by: Fred Savage
Played in our version by: Keenan Cahill

I can’t even close my eyes to picture Fred Savage playing the NES classic “Hardball” in bed without substituting his face for Keenan Cahill’s. Keenan Cahill might just be the Fred Savage of YouTube. And as such, it only makes sense that he show up as Fred Savage’s Grandson character in The Princess Bride. So what if he’s buddies with 50 Cent? Sparky Sweets will straighten him out with a good bedtime story.


Hate our choices? Think we’re way off base? Can you think of someone better? Let us know who you’d re-recast. Also share this article because hypotheticals like this are awesome.

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