Redditor Creates Greatest Reddit Invention Possibly Ever … M’Lady

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One of the all time great internet jokes is the image of “the average Redditor” — a scruffy neckbeard-having fatass who wears a fedora and addresses women with “M’lady.” He looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.52.27 PM

… if the legends are to be believed. So Reddit user Nicholmikey, apparently tickled by the joke, decided to play into it with his technical skills.

Posting to his YouTube account (and then linking to Reddit for maximum karma), Nicholmikey has created the internet’s first absolute must-have: a wireless electronic self-tipping fedora that automatically greets the fairer sex with an announcement of “M’Lady.”

Not something that Nicholmikey (so far) intends to put up for sale, but needless to say, Reddit wants it. The video, which dropped today, is going expectedly viral and his post made the front page on Reddit. While there is no telling if the Redditors want it ironically or not, one thing is for certain:

This is the one hat to rule them all.

Realistically, it would be funny to own one for about a minute. Then you’d want to throw it and every other one you came across into a river. Along with the jackoff wearing it.


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