Revealed: Find Out Here Who This Week’s Mystery YouTuber Was …

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.29.07 PM

Did you guess who our 11/22/14 Edition of Mystery YouTuber was? Probably not considering you’re reading this article.

Here are those clues again if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about:


1. This YouTuber JUST BARELY falls under the Astrological sign Virgo.

2. This YouTuber has won a Streamy.

3. This YouTuber digs sharing techno culture with friends!

4. Despite being under a million subscribers, this YouTuber is still hugely popular — especially when doing collabs.

5. They joined YouTube in 2011.

6. This YouTuber drinks and thinks others should as well.

7. This YouTuber does not have a famous biological sister also on YouTube, though you’d think they might.

8. Here is an image from a recent video:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.33.37 PM

Well, no worries if you can’t guess, there’s always next week’s Mystery YouTuber.

If you did however guess, well then, you deserve a drink!

Yup, our Mystery YouTuber this week is none other than the hilarious and awesome …

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