Rhett & Link Make Eating ‘Play-doh’ Fun Again

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.47.21 PM

Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett & Link have stumbled on a time machine of sorts. Remember back in the day, how you used to gobble down Play-doh like it was cookie dough? Well, with a little simple at-home chemistry, you can return to the devil-may-care halcyon days of your youth! Basically, adding flour and water to any slightly viscous food product will render it into a dough fit for shaping and consumption.

Dredge all your old Play-doh shape makers out of the basement for this one. You can now have tubes of Spam in the shape of stars. Or what about mashed potatoes that are long and ropey like Twizzlers? Ground-up peas in the form of infinitely tastier dog turds. With Rhett & Link and the good people at Play-doh, the possibilities for quasi-food is now endless.

Sure, there isn’t really a practical reason to suddenly start consuming miserable food simply because it can be shaped — but that’s why all the wizards died out: people became to practical. I’m not saying that genuine magic will return to the Earth if you start eating meat puree forced through a plastic shaper … but I’m also not not saying it (wink).


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