Rock Out to “Blank Space” With Doddleoddle’s…Ukulele?

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 1.32.10 PM

The best thing about Taylor Swift’sBlank Space” release is unquestionably the amazing music video that accompanied it. The second best thing, however, is all the covers that have resulted from the hours, if not days, fans have spent listening to the single.

Such as Doddleoddle’s ukulele cover.

As lovely of a voice as Dodie has, and my persistent claim that she’s one of the very, very few people on YouTube who can actually wield a ukulele with skill, the real triumph of this cover is just how weird it is.

Dodie JAMS OUT to this song. Her expressions get almost as crazy as Tay’s sometimes. But it’s…a ukulele…cover… The light, fluffy sounds of the music and her unwavering hyperactive energy make an oddly amusing contrast that’s difficult to look away from. In the best of ways. Girl knows what she’s doing.

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