Ross Everett Relaunches Channel!

The ever talented Ross Everett recently wrapped The New Show with Discovery and has undertaken relaunching his personal channel!

Everett, who is eager to get back to work, told NMR exclusively:

“I’m really grateful to Discovery for letting me do what I did for so long and I know we’ll continue to have a great working relationship, and I’m very excited about what the future holds.”

To be honest, we are too! Everett’s brand of humor is engaging and delightful to watch. In the past, we’ve caught glimpses of his unique comedy stylings, particularly when Shia Lebeouf decided to host his ‘art show’ in Los Angeles.

When asked about his new channel, Everett simply said “Thank goodness for royalty free music.”

Let the record show, Ross Everett is the comeback kid. I feel like he’s returning more invigorated than ever before and with more chutzpah than the internet can probably handle right now.


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