Samsung Is Milking Viral Video For All It’s Worth


Are you struggling to find hilarious viral videos? Do you find yourself crawling on hands and knees through a vast internet desert, desperate for a few drops of viral refreshment? Do you dream that at the end of the rainbow there’s not a pot of gold, but a treasure trove of video clips of people injuring themselves and animals doing things that animals don’t normally do? I have literally no idea how that could be possible if you have an internet connection but Samsung thinks that you do. In fact, that mobile giant thing that can save you from a life of viral video privation is a new app meant to find viral content and deliver it straight to your Samsung Galaxy Phone. (Note: If you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy you’re probably doomed, good luck with your terrible life)

Samsung has introduced a new app called Milk Video to bring you a never ending stream of viral delights. The videos are selected using a combination of algorithms that target trending videos on the viral verge and human curators who will form a thin line between us and the machines that will someday rule us all. To sweeten the deal Samsung has formed exclusive content partnerships with creators to ensure that the app is stocked with videos not available anywhere else on the web.

milkvid milk

The app will alert users via push notifications when a new video is trending. A handy way to make sure that you’re never the person at the party who hasn’t seen the latest viral trend. The app is a spinoff of Samsung’s successful Milk Music app which the company says motivated people to buy Samsung phones with its high quality music discovery algorithms. It remains to be seen whether curating viral video will provide a similar boost since so much of the viral content is available to users directly via YouTube and Facebook, which routinely surface popular viral videos to help users with discovery.

Ultimately, the success of the Milk Video app will likely rest on the original content produced by its partners. Samsung has enlisted the likes of BuzzFeed, CollegeHumor, Vice, Tastemade, and Vevo to produce exclusive video content to bolster Milk’s curated feed. If those videos are high enough in quality it may leave users clamoring for access to Samsung’s galaxy of content

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