Say Goodbye to Vine Rival Viddy


We have some sad news to report. It seems that Viddy, the short form video app acquired by Fullscreen last year, is soon to be no more. The company that built the app announced via a blog post that it was shutting down Viddy and a few of its other less robust apps in order to move on to “something even more bold and ambitious: to redefine entertainment for today’s youth.” That’s kind of a big undertaking so we’ll give them a minute to work on it and just reflect on Viddy instead.

Viddy has been called “The Instagram of video” and “a potential rival for Vine” mostly by enthusiastic bloggers. Most normal people called it “What’s Viddy?” The app let users capture, edit, and share 30 second video clips. It was an idea that seemed promising. At its peak Viddy claimed more than 50 million users and fielded acquisition offers from Twitter. Viddy passed on that option and Twitter when on to purchase Vine, turning it into the 6-second video juggernaut we know today. The rise of Vine, in turn, triggered Instagram to incorporate 15-second video loops. With two more popular competitors on the block backed by social media giants Twitter and Facebook, interest in Viddy took a nose dive.



Fullscreen acquired Supernova, the maker of Viddy, back in January but it hasn’t had much luck turning the app around. Now it seems that Viddy, along with fellow Supernova creations Clique and Epic, are casualties of Fullscreen’s reorganization under Otter Media. Viddy had all the same ingredients as some of its competitors, and its longer time frame even allowed greater creative freedom. In a slightly different world we might all be talking about Viddy stars racking up millions of loops and millions in brand deals, but it was not to be. RIP Viddy, we barely knew ye.

Viddy is no longer available on the app store and the app and site will shut down entirely on December 15th. Supernova is encouraging users to download and save their content before it’s all purged.


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