SeaNanners Starts Bold New ‘No Contract’ MCN JetPak

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SeaNanners AKA Adam Montoya has just made the multimedia announcement of his new MCN — as in, he’s formed up an MCN … and he wants you to be a part of it.

Realizing that traditional MCNs are doomed to go the way of the shopping mall, Adam has started JetPak, an MCN with a different perspective: “This is a true partnership,” he says.

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Unlike traditional MCNs, which hack off a huge percentage off the front end of your Adsense monies just because your contract with them allows for it, JetPak will be a full-transparency, non-exclusive month-to-month service that only charges fees for the specific services rendered. In short, it’s a lot more like the MCN you deserve than the one you probably have.

“YouTubers are often taken advantage of … and they’re none the wiser,” Adam confirms via his video on the matter. (JetPak) is everything you want. You just want the freedom to be who you are and create the content you create.”


We’ll be bringing you more about JetPak in the very near future, so stay tuned and get excited. It looks like SeaNanners is bringing Christmas early to YouTubers.


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