‘Security’ Website Allows Creeps To Watch You Naked

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Website Insecam has obtained access through unknown means to over 73,000 different webcams around the world … and one of them might be yours. Apparently, you need to be creeped out today …

The website claims they are a security watchdog who is just trying to do a good deed by showing people the hazards of not keeping a secure password on their computer — but there is clearly an ad on the site, so they are definitely making money off this weird voyeurism kit. According to Insecam, they have live feeds from 11046 computers in the United States. This means strangers on the internet could be watching you naked and you have no clue.

(image courtesy Neowin.net)

(image courtesy Neowin.net)

Now this doesn’t appear to be legal, but there it sits. According to Motherboard via Neowin.net, “It is a stunningly clear violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).” In order to remove your camera from the site, should you be one of the folks currently being violated, Insecam claims you only need to change your camera’s password.

In addition to parking lots and security cameras, many are also featured streams from anywhere people have a computer — such as in the bedroom. While the site maintains they are just exposing a darkness that has been going on for many years, by not informing the people it is exposing, really, it is just contributing to the problem — and making it worse by bringing awareness to it. This is like The Fappening times, well, 73,000 — and it’s going on currently.

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Hopefully this becomes a major talking point in the media and this site gets shuttered, but for the time being, do what the damn thing says and change your camera’s password. Or at least cover it with some tape.


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