See The Exotic World With DevinSuperTramp’s New Video Series

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 4.59.53 PM

Don’t let this image fool you; the video is breathtaking!

DevinSuperTramp is a balls-to-the-wall adventurer, we all know that.

Less well known perhaps, but no less relevant are his amazing cinematography skills coupled with a love of travel. And since, probably like you, I am stuck at a desk (okay, I’m actually currently in my boxer briefs in a recliner in Ohio), DevinSuperTramp has done the amazing for us. Like a video postcard from some of the most underexplored destinations of the planet, the daredevil has embarked on a mission round the globe to bring paradise to us. In stunning 4K presentation, Devin packs his camera along to Istanbul on the latest leg of his new series of travel videos. Here he explores something called the City of the Seven Hills. It should be called City of the Shitload of Pigeons, but that sounds less romantic.

And while Devin has personally had to promise some of his viewers that there will still be stunt videos aplenty, this series shows off his more philosophical side. Any time you feel like you need to escape whatever your present reality is, I highly suggest you go on a beautiful trip with Devin … if even for just a couple minutes.


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