Shhh! Is Trending On YouTube: 5 ASMR Whisper Videos

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If you do like we do and randomly watch videos all day long, you’re bound to come across the letters ASMR repeatedly. They stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response — and videos about ASMR are so in right now.

Most commonly, an attractive woman stands before the camera — usually a closeup of her face, and she whispers things to you that are calm and soothing. It’s supposed to relax your social media stress and soothe you so that you can fall asleep at night. It’s also insanely popular on YouTube right now. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing right? Attractive women lulling you to sleep? Well, of course, like anything, these sleep therapy videos started out innocently enough, but have since gotten pretty damn odd. Good luck relaxing to this stuff. For your freaky Friday, we wish you all the nightmares you will get after you watch these five creepy and/or oddly disturbing ASMR videos.

5. Video Game ASMR

Actually, this one kind of works for me …

4.High Heels Haircut

I feel like this has replaced the trend where women would step on mice while wearing fancy shoes.

3. Harley Quinn ASMR Batman Roleplay

She’s so clumsy at the beginning of this it’s more jarring than soothing.

2. ASMR Shaving

Yeah, just lie there as the pretty lady calmly shaves her video camera and pretends it’s your beard.

1. Alien Abduction/Ear Cleaning

Gently fall asleep as f**king whispering aliens clean your ears! Wait, what?


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