Simple Pickup Deployed $10,000, 200 Fleshlights On L.A. Beach

No, this isn't some adult dwarf ...

No, this isn’t some adult dwarf …

In the aftermath of this prank? ploy? guerilla advertisement? charity gambit? I feel sort of underwhelmed. Simple Pickup, in conjunction with the Fleshlight people (– which when you think about it is an odd pairing … if you fail at following the advice we gave you … well, here’s a fake pussy. Accept your position in life) stashed $10,000 in 200 Fleshlights all along the beach in Marina Del Rey. They then tweeted out the location of the Fleshlights and filmed people going nuts finding them — which is cool.

But then you saw that it was the same people who were finding multiple Fleshlights and that kind of defeated the purpose. Instead of bringing Fleshlights to the underprivileged, there’s now some guy sitting at home with a grand and ten Fleshlights. He’s like the sultan of fake box.

Imagine had this been a giveaway to the homeless — here pal … have a little dinner, drugs and sex on Simple Pickup. I feel like there was so much potential for this and it climaxed too quickly.


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