Singing Clown, Puddles, Paints Sad Face On Corporate Drudgery

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YouTube’s very own singing clown, Puddles, apparently doesn’t think very much of the corporate world. Of course, since he defines himself as a sad clown anyhow, maybe he friggin’ loves that world … who can really say?

Taking a 1920’s standard, “Keep On The Sunny Side,” and rewording it to be a dirge on the rat race, Puddles successfully makes me feel a whole lot worse about my station in life. But man, what a good voice that clown has.

The ad, a piece for a regional loan company, has been a viral hit … probably with suicide clinics as well.

Puddles, who runs his site Puddles Pity Party, is a fixture on the YouTube singing circuit, most famously for his cover of “Royals” with Postmodern Jukebox. Now he’s also the latest in a long line of YouTube celebs turned pitch person.


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