Superfruit Covers Taylor Swift’s 1989  in One Song

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I love stepping outside of my apartment and carefully selecting what album I’m going to listen to on my morning commute. Spoiler: once I get off the train and start walking towards the offices, it’s aca-always the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. And lately, my apartment-door-to-final-subway-stop album has been, of course, Taylor Swift’s phenomenal 1989.

But my commute doesn’t last the entire length of the album, and I often get really anxious trying to decide if I want to skip a song (but they’re all so good! Except maybe the Lana Del Rey one) or let whatever plays play, inevitably missing out on songs I love (again, that’s all of them! Except probably the Llama Del Rey one).

Well, thank God for Superfruit, because they may have solved this horrible crisis!

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying (also known as two-fifths of the fantastic a cappella group Pentatonix, in case you have never been on the internet before) couldn’t decide which of Taylor’s new songs to cover, so instead opted to mash all of them up chronologically into one normal length song.

Sure, they aren’t TSwizzle, but Mitch and Scott are crazy talented and a joy to listen to, and this arrangement provides no exception to that rule.

And at least now, when I get close to that final subway stop and start panicking about how I haven’t been able to listen to ALL OF 1989 OH MY GOD WHY, CRUEL WORLD??, I can quickly switch over to Superfruit’s lovely contribution to YouTube’s 1989 covers and get a small taste of all the songs I love before I hit play on Skylar Astin and Ester Dean zoomzoomzoom-ing “Since U Been Gone” (because traditions are traditions, yo).


Which of Taylor Swift’s songs do you wish Superfruit would cover in full? What do you listen to on your way to work or school? Share this with your friends because it’s AWESOME!

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