Taylor Swift Keeps Proving Her Awesomeness in This Lip-Sync

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Watching a “live” performance by a pop artist only to realize they’re merely lip syncing along can be pretty disappointing. Unless of course there’s some massive faux pas that goes viral after the fact, but that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should. After all, we live in a world where performances are very carefully crafted, sometimes down to every single movement and word in between.

So watching a pop star purposely lip sync along to their latest hit? And just have some damn fun with it? That’s pretty enjoyable.

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift agreed to this super low key appearance with Greg James from BBC Radio 1. Leading up to the release of her new album, she’s become more and more active on social media, interacting with fans and proving that she can be just as silly as the rest of us. Is it just a ruse to make everyone love her? Some think so. But who knows. And honestly? Who cares. It’s working.

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