The 100’s Eliza Taylor Kicks Ass on Vine, Too

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I don’t think I’ve previously appreciated Vine the way it should be appreciated. As YouTube videos keep getting longer and attention spans are getting shorter, oh my god, six second videos are awesome. I just watched an entire Vine account in the time it would usually take me to watch one vlog. This is magical.

Except now I want more, so I guess that’s the drawback when the Vines you’re watching are generally awesome and non-sucky.

Which is absolutely the case when you’re watching Eliza Taylor’s Vines.

If you’re better at life than I am and are already a Vine aficionado, you may be scratching your head and wondering why you haven’t heard of Eliza. She’s one of those Viners who doesn’t yet have the appreciation and following she should. But if you ARE like me and you’ve dedicated way too much of your life to keeping tabs on Australian television, you may recognize her from NeighboursPirate Islands, or the best show about synchronizing watches to ever exist, The Sleepover Club. She also currently plays one of TV’s most badass female protagonists on The CW’s The 100.

But, you may be thinking, all of that is irrelevant to Vine! And you’re right. It is. Eliza’s Vines aren’t good because she happens to be in awesome TV shows. They’re good because she’s one of those creators who gets Vine. Who can talk at a camera for six seconds and make it laugh out loud funny — no easy feat.

So here’s a starter kit with some of the best Vines Eliza has produced thus far. Check out the rest and follow her; I’m sure there will be more laughs in the future. (A welcome contrast from watching The 100 because OH MY GOD there is no time for laughter while you’re biting your nails in anticipation; also, it’s hard to laugh with fingernails in your mouth.)

Don’t ever let anyone tell you glasses don’t change a person.

The most relatable rundown of Saturday nights.

Sharing is for losers.

Honestly, I’m not even sure I know what this is, but it belongs here. It belongs here.

Ah, jet lag.

It’s comforting when actors don’t lose perspective.

“Teenage virgins.” Yeah, ‘nough said.

We’ve all had these partners/roommates/siblings/strangers who end up in our beds for whatever reason. Burn them.

Are you obsessed with her Vine now? How many episodes of The Sleepover Club have you watched? Don’t lie. And don’t forget to shaaaaareeee! (Unlike Eliza with that trail. Bad example.)

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