The 5 Worst Mid-Term Election Ads

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Today is election day, and after we’ve cast our votes, those of us here at NMR like to scour the internet for the worst political ads out there. This year did not disappoint.

There were attempts at being friendly, there were attempts at being trendy but in the end, all it led to were the cringiest moments in political history. Our forfathers are probably rolling in their graves right now, especially after watching:

Say Yes, To Rick Scott

Coming strong out of the gate is Florida governor Rick Scott, comparing himself to a tailored wedding dress. I’m not going to even get into how creepy the metaphor is. The best part of this ad is how he pretty much mocks older female voters. You’ll totally get the female vote by making fun of their mothers!

4. Justice

Texas candidate Wendy Davis punched low and hard with this ad. It’s definitely the most serious on this list, and frankly is on this list because of how dirty it is. Her attempt at pointing out hypocrisy was a misfire, even to the most liberal of us.

3. Matt Rosendale Shoots Down a Drone

Dear Matt Rosendale, seeing as you’re likely to be against stem cell cloning, how do you plan on putting one of you in every backyard in Montana?

2. Gary Peters Loan Sharknado

Bad animation plus a Sharknado reference would normally land this guy at number one. It’s like the campaign decided to fund the animation career of a five-year old, but honestly, it’s pittance in comparison to:

1. Dan Patrick Sings “The Ballad of Dannie Goeb” (Let It Go Parody)

Let’s take a look at this guys, because not only did Team Dewhurst produce this piece, they released it only on YouTube and made the video unlisted. It reads like a drunken night in the campaign office and an idea that should have never seen the light of day.

It’s so awful, it makes all of the ugliness on this list look like Cinderella on her way to the ball.

Get your politics out of my pop culture references. It’s not cute, it’s not relevant, it makes me want to cringe.


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