The Cosplay of Comikaze 2014

Comikaze 2

Stan Lee’s Comikaze came and went in what seemed like a blurred flash of leather, felt, and glitter. However, left behind were some of the coolest looking cosplays we’ve seen a long time.

It’s hard to pin down a mid-transformation Mystique, but this woman absolutely nailed it.

Mid-Transformation Mystique

Easily one of our favorites, Snowba Fett, Amber Arden provides the perfect Disney/Lucas Films combination.

Snow Boba Fett

This Spiderman is on point.


Mad Moxxie brought down the house.

Madd Moxie

This adorable couple took on Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord.

Star Lord - Rocket Raccoon

No con would be complete without some amazing gender-bending.

Manly Misty

And of course here’s Lady Loki, whose pleating on her corset is superb!


Miss Captain America poses with the brightest of smiles, but be wary, she’ll just as soon pummel you if you try anything funny!

Captain America

This costume immediately won our hearts. We love us some Indiana Jones cosplay, but Henry Jones will win every time.

Henry Jones

Lantern Corps represent!

Katma Tui

These guys embody Zoolander like no others have in the past!

Blue Steel

This is easily one of the most detailed Hawkgirl costumes I’ve ever seen.

Hawk Girl

Images via and Amber Arden


Tell us about some of your favorite cosplayers, and be sure to tell everyone about these awesome creations!