The Eight Best Assassins Creed: Unity Glitch Videos


We’ve been hearing reports all day that the latest installment of the Assassins Creed franchise, “AC: Unity,” is riddled with bugs and glitches. These glitches range from amusing to horrifying and while some are merely cosmetic others can totally wreck your gameplay. Critics have alleged that the problems are the result of the game being rushed to market before it was ready in time to coincide with the holiday buying season.
So how bad are these glitches? Thanks to the magic of YouTube you can see for yourself without wasting a dime on a game that has the potential to be a dud. Gaming YouTubers have been dutifully cataloging the problems with Unity and we’ve done you the favor of compiling the compilations. Be warned, some of these videos could be triggering to viewers who are sensitive to bad design.

Watch this video for the compilation of ridiculous visual flaws, stay for the flawless soundtrack.


I’m not sure if this is a glitch or if designers really though Revolutionary France had infinity pools suspended in mid air.


This glitch could really disrupt your gameplay, but then again, better stick levitating on a wall than falling to your death right?


These NPC’s may not have the most natural standing position, but they look pretty comfortable all things considered.


This guy falls through an open skylight and into the infinite white void outside of the game map. This is exactly how I feel every Friday afternoon at 5pm.


In related news, running into this invisible wall is exactly how I feel on Monday morning at 8am.


This isn’t even a flaw in my opinion, just an excellent new mechanic for my upcoming dream game “Assassins Creed: Kitty Pryde.”


Ultimately though it looks like all these glitches could leave the game flailing its arms…in a vortex…underground?

So are you still on board for “Assassins Creed: Unity” or have all the glitches and bugs turned you off? I personally think you could base a totally awesome game around all these so-called problems. Invisible walls, phasing through solid matter, people with inside-out faces? Sounds like a recipe for a hit if you ask me.

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