The Five Moms You Meet at Playlist Live

I spent the weekend at Playlist Live Tri-State with the NMR team and I learned a lot of things. For instance, fangirls will grab a selfie with anyone wearing a badge even if that person is just a lowly NMR staff writer, YouTube stars will dance like no one is watching even when everyone is watching, and I am a magnet for Playlist moms.

I don’t know if it’s my kindly smile, authoritative beard, or my cold dead eyes of sadness that draws them in, but at least a dozen moms struck up conversations with me during the course of the weekend. I was intrigued to learn more about these woman and how they were experiencing Playlist despite being well outside of the event’s target demographic. What I learned is that every mom at Playlist has a story, and more importantly, every mom has questions. Lot’s of questions.

The Cool Mom


What’s Her Story? The cool mom is down for whatever. She may or may not know who what’s going on but she is here for it. She thought it would be fun to drive out here and the kids are happy to be here. She’s fine, she’s catching up on her reading.

What’s Her Problem? Nothing! As long as she’s got her Venti Skim Latte everything is fine, wake her up when you’re ready to go home.

Where Can You Find Her: The cool mom is probably chilling in the hotel lobby, or in a nearby Starbucks. She’s not particularly bothered by the screaming fangirl chaos all around here. She knows her kids are “around” and they have her cell if they need to reach her.

What Does She Want To Know: “Do you want a snack?” “Is Ricky here?”


The Not Cool Mom


What’s Her Story? The Not Cool Mom is having none of it. We’re not sure how she got here but she’s ready to go home. Her kids won tickets to Playlist in a contest, or got them from her no-good ex-husband or some other source beyond her control. It’s too loud, the kids are driving her crazy, the food it terrible, the hotel was expensive.

What’s Her Problem? She is an adult and she is at Playlist Live.

Where Can You Find Her? At the hotel desk demanding an upgrade/refund/earplugs.

What Does She Want To Know: “And how much will THAT cost?” “When is this over?” “Are YOU in charge?!” “Is Ricky here?”


The Stage Mom

Screening Of HBO's "Entourage" After Party

What’s Her Story? Unlike our other moms, the stage mom knows too much about YouTube. She throws around words like “collab” and “sub count” in a way that seems totally natural and also makes you uneasy. Her daughter is an aspiring singer or beauty guru, you should take one of her business cards. She is here to make connections and you’re next. Her daughter is 14, has $300 hair extensions and the weary eyes of a retired prostitute or a Lohan sibling.

What’s Her Problem? Most likely a failed acting or singing career and a lack of personal boundaries.

Where Can You Find Her? She’ll find you.

What Does She Want To Know? “Who are you here with?” “How many subscribers do you have?” “What’s your email address?” “Is Ricky here?”


The Confused Mom


What’s Her Story? She’s just…doing her best…I guess. She thought this was a concert or something. It’s all very strange. She’s not sure where her kids went and all the screaming makes her uneasy. She can’t find the ATMs or the bathroom. Also her feet are sore.

What’s Her Problem? She’s just really going through it…and also she’d needs a Diet Coke but can’t find the machine.

Where Can You Find Her? Near the concession stand or in the lobby, roaming around helpless and doe eyed.

What Does She Want to Know? “Who is that?” “Should I take his picture?” “What does he do?” “Is this the line for concessions?” “Why are they screaming?” “Is that okay?” “Do you work here?” “Is Ricky here?” “Who is Ricky?”


The Drunk Mom


What’s Her Story? It’s hard to tell but it definitely involves multiple rum and cokes. She’s reading a book about reclaiming her personal power because her brother-in-law is going to get her a sales job. She’s laid off right now but it’s okay because she gets to spend time with her kids. They’re around here somewhere…probably

What’s Her Problem? Again, it’s hard to tell but all those rum and cokes aren’t helping.

Where Can You Find Her? The hotel bar.

What Does She Want To Know? “Who are you from?” “Are you here for YouTube List?” “This bartender is…HOT?” (phrased as a question for no reason) “Are you free later?” “Is that guy here…Ryan? Richie?”


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