The Five Most Vicious Black Friday Fights … Thanks, Wal-Mart

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When I say “Black Friday Fight” your mind goes right to Wal-Mart. And rightly so. Wal-Mart is a haven for bloodshed in the waning hours of Thanksgiving Eve. The sad thing is: the electronics crap that so many people come to blows over is just that — crap. Typically manufactured specifically for Black Friday, the merchandise is usually of inferior quality. But because it is cheap, year after year, we get to witness videos like these following five:

Wal-Mart BeatDown Over TVs

Wal-Mart BeatDown Over Toy Convertible Cars

Yup, Another Wal-Mart Brawl

Fight, Surprisingly, Not At A Wal-Mart

Shopper Pepper Sprays Wal-Mart Crowd

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