The Warp Zone Prequels Gotham…Again and Again

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It’s no secret that movies and television alike are very into sequels, prequels, reboots — anything capitalizing on prior successes. And they can be a lot of fun! Nobody likes to say goodbye to a world they’ve fallen in love with, and prequels and sequels in particular often give us the chance to learn more about characters we’ve come to know and be invested in.

But sometimes it gets to be too much. Sometimes, too gimmicky.

The Warp Zone has taken to our favorite video medium, YouTube, to poke fun at that idea with this parody of FOX’s Gotham. A prequel to the prequel of Batman’s story. And a prequel to the prequel to the prequel of Batman’s story. And– you get the idea.

So prepare yourselves, and hit play with caution. How far back can this go?


What story would you like to see a prequel for? What story do you hope will never, ever get another prequel or sequel again? Bruce Wayne has to share some of his massive amounts of wealth, so you should be like him and share this article!