The YouTube Daily Top 20 – 11/27/14


NMR is constantly monitoring the YouTube charts, tracking what’s on the rise and who’s falling out of favor. Our Daily Top 20 gives you the 20 videos that are reigning supreme at the top of our charts so you can stay one step ahead of what’s hot.

Thursday, November 27th 2014

It’s Thanksgiving and I have food to eat and relatives to hide from so we’ll keep this short today. The Jurassic World Trailer is holding on to the number one spot on the YouTube charts for the third day in a row. No surprise there since the trailer combines nostalgia, a huge budget, and current national obsession Chris Pratt. The trailer also spawned its own hilarious hashtag #?ShitJurassicWorldMomSays inspired by Judy Greer’s slightly sinister cameo. Buzzfeed has also staked out three spots in the top 20 with some #relatable Thanksgiving content. YouTubers Rhett and Link held onto the charts with their latest episode of Good Mythical Morning and The Fine Brothers locked in at number 2 with their latest React video.

Actress Abigail Breslin nabbed a spot on the top 20 and sent teens into a frenzy by pulling a Taylor Swift on her ex. The Little Miss Sunshine star burned her former bf Michael Clifford of the pop-punk flavored boyband 5 Seconds of Summer with a Swiftian diss-track called “You Suck.” Breslin’s track almost immediately incurred the wrath of teen twitter which didn’t appreciate her calling out their idol’s “dumb tattoo” or lack of musical ability. That explosion of teen rage was enough to push Breslin’s video all the way to number 17 on the YouTube charts.

Rounding out the Top 20 House Speaker John Boehner took a moment out of his busy schedule being mad at the President to share his recipe for maple syrup turkey brine. Putting aside Boehner’s politics I have to admit that this brine does sound pretty delicious. Maybe The Speaker should consider a career change, there’s always room for another DIY Guru. Watch your back Rosanna Pansino, John Boehner is coming for your crown.

#1 Jurassic World – Official Trailer – Universal Pictures

#2 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Elders React: Gaming) – REACT

#3 Lorde Was Taylor Swift’s Manager For A Night – The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

#4 Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Mock NFL Media Policies – Tacoma News Tribune

#5 Beats By Dre Presents: #SoloSelfie –Beats By Dre

#6 Pan Official Teaser Trailer – Warner Brothers Pictures

#7 Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser – Movie Trailer

#8 Ellen in “50 Shades of Grey” – The Ellen Show

#9 7 Harmful Things Flying Does To Your Body – BuzzfeedBlue

#10 23 Thanksgiving Food Facts –Mental Floss

#11 Meghan Trainor’s Thanksgiving Carols – Jimmy Kimmel Live

#12 Passengers Pushing Aircraft – Siberian Times

#13 Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank – BBC Radio 1

#14 Batman Vs. Darth Vader – Super Power Beat Down – MachinimaPrime

#15 Sadie and Mark’s Freestyle – Dancing With The Stars

#16 5 Genius Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks – BuzzFeed Video

#17 Abigail Breslin – You Suck (Official Music Video) – Seenomorex

#18 Will It Popsicle – Taste Test – Good Mythical Morning

#19 Dog Wins A Race Due To Cheating – Majestic Creature

#20 The Boehner Brine – John Boehner

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