The YouTube Daily Top 20


NMR is constantly monitoring the YouTube charts tracking what’s on the rise and who’s falling out of favor. Our Daily Top 20 gives you the 20 videos that are reigning supreme at the top of our charts so you can stay one step ahead of what’s hot.

Tuesday, November 18th 2014 -Trends
Today it’s all about the usual suspects vying for space with the a handful of newcomers. The Hoonigans, Epic Rap Battles, and The Fine Bros all managed to secure places in the top twenty, while social media savvy brands like Snapchat and Uber also clawed their ways to the top of the charts. Both apps debuted new services with clever video ads, unsurprisingly the ultra popular Snapchat grabbed the number two spot with the introduction of its new instant payment feature “Snapcash.” Science is also having a moment right now with both a NASA video on climate change and a release from ASAPScience about life on Mars gaining traction.

Rounding out the top twenty are the usual suspects, major networks, major brands, and clickbait. Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live proved their new media prowess by grabbing slots in the top ten while a teaser for NBC’s Peter Pan Live (come for Allison Williams’ weird haircut stay for…some reason?)clocked in a fifteen. The final few slots, predictably, belong to brands ads for new products from  Nokia and Toyota did well as did a holiday ad for  Kmart that channeled last years hugely viral Joe Boxer ad without courting quite the same level of controversy.


#2 Introducing Snapcash

#3 Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4

#4 Straight No Chaser – featuring Kristen Bell – Text Me Merry Christmas (Lyric Video)

#5 Three Word Stories With Benedict Cumberbatch

#6 What Your Life Looks Like In Thermal

#7 The Amazing SpiderDad – 5yr Old Son Battling Cancer Gets Surprise

#8 Goat MMO Simulator – Official Trailer (Patch 1.2)

#9 Woody Harrelson 1989 Monologue – Saturday Night Live

#10 Spotify Your Ride – Uber

#11 TEASER – Coming For Christmas

#12 Nokia N1 Revealed

#13 Jingle Bellies | Kmart Joe Boxer Commercial 2014 #ShowYourJoe

#14 How to pronounce Worcestershire Sauce

#15 Peter Pan Live! – The Television Event Of The Season (Promo)

#16 NASA – A Year In The Life of Earth’s CO2

#17 Teens React to Malala Yousafzai

#18 Could We Actually Live On Mars?

#19 Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)

#20 Akio Toyoda introduces Toyota’s “Mirai” Fuel Cell Sedan