The Zombie Apocalypse Tag Reveals Heroes, Zeroes, and Zombies

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Tag videos are a staple of YouTube. Without them, how would anyone know what to vlog about?

We kid. They’re a fun way of connecting content and starting discussions with your friends and viewers.

One of the more recent tags to start making the rounds is the “Zombie Apocalypse Tag.” Exactly what it sounds like, this tag coerces YouTubers to answer a variety of questions related to what they would do if the zombie apocalypse were to finally begin.

We picked some of our favorites and who we think these particular YouTubers would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Or, more like, a zombie apocalypse movie.

I’ve said zombie apocalypse far too many times. Let’s get to it, shall we?

LukeIsNotSexy: Patient Zero. Mostly because he created the tag. The cure is within him, somewhere.

Jack Howard: The first one to die because he refuses to acknowledge zombies are real and the apocalypse is actually happening.

Emma Blackery: The one who shocks everyone by leaving someone behind at a critical moment in the name of self-preservation, creating a rift in the group. Possibly fakes her own death and comes back as an antagonist.

Evan Edinger: The one who tries to act super confident, then screams at every noise and ultimately gets ripped to shreds mid-pun.

Carrie Hope Fletcher: The one who probably shouldn’t make it very far but gets the rest of her team to kill zombies and protect her til the end … almost.

jimmy0010: The one who wants everyone to think he’s in it for himself but ultimately undergoes an unexpected but totally expected redemption arc.

MusicalBethan: The unexpected hero. Regardless of the others’ survival, she makes it to the end through perseverance, loyalty, and most likely some tragic back story and/or character flaw that must be overcome.


Have you done the zombie apocalypse tag? Let us know in the comments. And share this with your friends if you’re into that kind of thing.