Throwback Thursday: Food Cravings!

We don’t know about you, but we are STARVING — and all we’ve got for snacks in the NMR office are these weird little bags of nuts and dried fruit with bossy health tips written on the back. To tide us over until dinner, here are a few tempting food videos from back in the day.

Sara Parra

So today on Throwback Thursday we’re talking about food. First off, I’m going to say that if you love food and haven’t subscribed to the Munchies channel, you are a heathen and need to fix this immediately.

That said, this video was the second video to ever come out on the channel and it has significantly improved my burger game. Matty Matheson does a fantastic job explaining how to make the absolute best cheeseburger. While he explains how he’s cooking the burger, just watching him is enough to get the jist.

BRB, going to go get a burger now.

Evan DeSimone

Andrew “Gunnarolla” Gunadie is one of YouTube’s greatest treasures and as such he has gifted us with a video for almost any occasion. When we were called upon to find a #ThrowbackThursday video featuring our favorite food I was deeply torn. How could I choose just one food? That’s like asking which child a parent loves most except even MORE difficult because I genuinely love all foods equally and I’m not just saying that so that you don’t feel bad even though I clearly love your sister more just because she’s more successful and has better hair and was better at sports in college. Wait … I’m off track here.

The point I’m trying to make is that Gunnarolla has saved me from the Sophie’s Choice that is picking a favorite food by giving me a video that clearly defines the optimal category of foods. Since I am a known cheater when it comes to #ThrowbackThursday this totally works for me. “Circle Foods” covers everything you could ever want to eat in life. An entire pizza? Check! All the donuts ever? Check! Sushi rolls? Of course! Circle foods is a catchy tune AND the perfect diet. What more could you want?

Jeff Klima

For me, the visual is the end-all on YouTube. Since I can’t actually taste it, my foodie vids have to look amazing. And as far as my favorite food, orange chicken wins hands down. And as far as orange chicken videos, this video from Filipino cooking expert Panlasang Pinoy looks a-mazing. Sure I can’t understand the guy through most of it, but cooking is the universal language. We all gotta eat, and his preparation of my favorite meal makes this guy my instant amigo for life.

Odd story though: I’ve always said, if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I’d side with Sara and choose a great cheeseburger. I don’t know why. But in literally any other situation, give me orange chicken three meals a day, seven days a week. I’m not even a stickler for fancy stuff — I think Panda Express perfected the orange chicken recipe and I’m not gonna question it.

Christine Linnell

I love french fries so much. So. Much. I’d like to be having them for lunch today, but instead I’m having a salad and that’s a damn tragedy. So to make myself feel better, I watched this old Epic Meal Time video from French Fry Week. Behold the French Fry Pizza Salad, made of straight fries, curly fries, medallion fries, smiley face fries, tater tots, onion rings and some kind of mashed potato pizza sauce “salad dressing.” I kept waiting for the moment where I’d think, “Ew, I wouldn’t eat that, even I don’t love french fries that much.” That moment never came.

Logan Rapp

I’m a pretty bad cook, but luckily How To Basic has plenty of videos showing me how to be a functional human being. This Big Mac recipe has saved my life (but not my bacon, if you catch my meaning) more than once.

Rachel Kiley

I … really don’t think I actually have any desire to eat this, but I absolutely adore Grace’s cooking videos and I wanted to post one from her current channel and not the old one. So this is the one you guys are getting. If you’re a fish fan, maybe this is a food for you. “Fish fan” in the sense that you like to consume it for sustenance, I mean. Not as in you love fish and keep them as pets and oh god why are people cooking them and ingesting them?? Did I just make this weird? Might have made it weird.


What are some of your favorite food videos? Have you tried making them in your own kitchen? Anyone feel like ordering us a pizza?