Throwback Thursday: Outer Space!

We don’t know if you heard, but we just successfully landed a robot on a comet. (Uh, humanity did, not NMR. Though that would be a neat branding opportunity.) So for Throwback Thursday, we’ve put together some vintage space-themed videos to honor the occasion. Live Long and Prosper or whatever.

Sara Parra

If there’s one thing that I love about the universe is how endlessly inspiring it is. Humanity has always sought to reach for the stars. From the Space Race to the Philae lander, we’ve always wanted to see what space has in store for us.

One of my favorite scientists and fellow space enthusiasts is Neil deGrasse Tyson. His passion, his love for the world and everything outside of it is what made me fall in love with science again.

Now this video is not from the man himself, but is easily one of the greatest remixes I’ve seen of his words. After this, when I look up at the sky and see all the stars, I feel big.

Christine Linnell

As we just passed American science legend Carl Sagan’s birthday on Sunday (and because I want to one-up Sara’s Neil deGrasse Tyson reference, haHA!), let’s all take a moment to appreciate his classic “Pale Blue Dot” monologue from Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Surprisingly soothing thoughts, considering that it’s all about how we’re living on a speck of dust drifting in the vast emptiness of space and our lives are fleeting and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Jeff Klima

Holy shit, you wanna talk space, you gotta mention the greatest space movie of them all — no, not 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’m talkin’ ‘bout Alien. This is my preferred vision of space — evil creatures who just want to lay their eggs in us (also, by that definition, Species was a pretty damn good film). But this trailer for Alien was epic in that it didn’t give away the whole movie — it scared the hell out of you right from the get-go and never relented, even right up to the tagline: In Space No One Can hear You Scream. Freaky, right?

I first saw Alien accidentally, as a really young kid. My dad had a bootleg copy of it and I watched from a doorway when I was supposed to be in bed. The images of the alien colored my nightmares from that day onward. So when people get all excited about exploring space and finding extraterrestrial life, I give ‘em a whole bag of “Nope.” This planet works just fine for the time being.

Cat O’Grady

So, apparently we landed on a comet or something? Which is pretty damn cool, let’s get that straight right away. But I’m still waiting on first contact from Vulcan. For TBT this week I’m going old school. Like, Star Trek: TOS old school. (It’s a really good thing we have other people writing these this article as well, or this would just be the world’s nerdiest segment.)

The really sad part about this video is that I actually saw this before I heard the actual song. I live under some weird nerd rock, okay? Sue me. Honestly, this hardly even feels like a proper fanvid to me at this point, it’s just something that’s become ingrained in the 2010s Star Trek culture.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen this amazing Kesha-inpsired tribute to the Original Series, you’ve been missing out. It’ll make you relive the best and the worst of this show. And also make you realize just how much these guys were drinking. You’re supposed to be on duty, guys!

Rachel Kiley

Yeah, this wasn’t the best show to ever exist, but the theme for Animorphs wins my vote for best space-related video because 1) there is no series about creatures coming to Earth from space that needs more attention than Animorphs and 2) I know Logan will yell at me if I try to submit either the Pitch Perfect cast’s cover of “Starships” or Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” (though I maintain both are totally valid options).

I’m still something like 82% convinced that the Animorphs are real and Yeerks are among us and if THAT DRAWS THE ATTENTION OF THE SHARING, COME AT ME, BRO. My name is Rachel and I have a cousin my age named Jake, so I am completely prepared to fight you.

But whether they’re real or not, the books need a solid reprinting (without the arbitrary crappy name change of “Xena” to “Storm” — ugh), and the show needs a dark and gritty reboot. Not as a trailer. As a complete film and/or series.

Evan DeSimone

The YouTube time warp strikes again. We wanted to honor the groundbreaking achievements of the European Space Agency in landing their Rosetta probe on an comet, but in typical fashion I fell down a YouTube k-hole and ended up watching old Nickelodeon shows. Then again what better way to celebrate space than with the catchy and descripting theme song of Space Cases.

The show premiered in 1996 as a kid focused spoof on traditional space exploration sci-fi shows. References to Star Trek abound including several cameos by future social media superstar George Takei. A crew made up of student delinquents from some sort of inadequately explained futuristic space school manage to get themselves stranded on a mysterious space craft and warped to the other side of the galaxy. If you’re not clear on the premise you can just listen to the theme song which does you the favor of explaining every single detail of the plot and introducing every character with a catchy tune. It’s a lost art that died sometime in the late 90’s along with The Nanny.

The show features a few standout performances from former Power Ranger Walter Emmanuel Jones as Harlan Band, the group’s defacto leader and Jewel Saite as rainbow haired Catalina, a native of Saturn’s moon Titan with sonic scream powers. Saite would later find herself lost in space again when playing Kaylee Frye on a little show called Firefly and a washed up soap star on the tragically under appreciated The L.A. Complex.


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