Todrick Hall’s Twerk Du Soleil Tour Now On DVD

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.33.29 AM

Who but the genius that is Todrick Hall would realize how satisfyingly “twerk” and “Cirque” rhyme? Bringing his Twerk du Soleil tour to DVD, the dancer/singer/all-around talent has cobbled together a fascinating performance spectacle that would be tragic to miss.

And yet, for as progressive as it is a concept, I can’t help but wonder why it isn’t available on new media formats like iTunes or VOD? My guess is that profit margins have something to do with it. But don’t let the frustration of having to wait for snail mail in this age of instant gratification stymie you from experiencing Todrick at his very best.

Or you could wait til his new show pops up on MTV and hope that some of the elements from the tour DVD find their way in. But then, this is also about supporting a fellow YouTuber, so just buy the damn footage already.

Go to to get your own copy!


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