Trisha Hershberger Gets ‘Naked’ Over Sexist Double Standards

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“If someone wants to write a fan fic about me getting gangbanged, yeah, I am sickened by that and I don’t like that.”

Powerful words from my wife Trisha Hershberger, of whom I shall write many great things about our life together and its many romantic Lady & the Tramp-esque moments (she said nice fan fiction about people being married to her was sweet, so here it is).

Trisha came out today with a Naked Truth video detailing the double standards inherent in the Alex From Target phenomenon. Her point was that there is a difference of intent about what the comments were like from girls re: this whole cute boy insta-celeb thing vs. what comments from boys to girls would be in the same situation.

No commentary on it — I just found it to be an interesting conversation-starter that I’d share with you.

What do you think? Is my lil’ honeybear right?


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