Twofer Tuesday: Drunk Collabs!

Getting drunk alone and making a fool of yourself on the internet is possible cause for an intervention. Getting drunk with a friend and making fools of yourselves on the internet together? That’s art. Here are a few great drunk YouTube collaborations to distract you from the fact that it’s only Tuesday and you really shouldn’t be craving alcohol this much.

Jenni Powell

It’s the video that started the entire Drunk History phenomenon! Though only one of the members of this project is ever technically drunk at a time, I still feel like no drunk collabs list would ever be complete without this. As a history buff and an alcohol enthusiast, this video is everything I could ever ask for. Not to humble brag but I was actually working in the tech booth at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater the first time Derek Waters showed this to a live audience to see how people would react. As soon as the show was over, I basically jumped out of the booth and accosted him demanding more. I’m glad he listened.

Christine Linnell

Here are Tyler Oakley and Sawyer Hartman having a drunk spelling bee. Because nothing brightens my day like two young, noisy YouTubers getting trashed and abusing the English language. (Tyler’s first screw-up is on “quinoa,” which kind of makes me want to die – the food, and the misspelling of same.)

Evan DeSimone

There are only a few things in life that I take seriously, one of those things is Legos and the other thing is getting drunk. So when you tell me to watch your drunk Lego collab I expect both serious intoxication and serious Lego…ing. As you know, I trust Neil McNeil in almost all things so when he says that he and RJ Aguiar are going to get drunk and do Legos I know he’ll deliver. Not only is this one of my favorite drunk collabs, but it might also one of my favorite collabs of all time.

Neil and RJ are both pro YouTubers so it’s not often we get to see either of these boys off balance, but when we do it’s a real treat. Of course just because they’re a little impaired doesn’t mean they’re not on their A-game. If anything the unfiltered Neil and RJ are even more entertaining than the original brand sober edition. This isn’t just a collab, it’s too friends having fun and there’s nothing more entertaining than that.

Rachel Kiley

As we’ve established, our Editor-in-Chief will fire us all if at least one of us doesn’t choose Hannah Hart for any themed lists involving alcohol. Understandably so, as I think it’s entirely possible Hannah invented alcohol and/or getting drunk.

So for this week’s collab, I’m going with a recent fave, involving not only Hannah, but the other members of YouTube’s Holy Trinity, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart.

My Drunk Pumpkin 2014. Yeah, technically this is a Halloween video so maybe it’s a little late, but if you missed it, you missed out. Trust. I actually watched all 11+ minutes of it. Besides, pumpkins are totally for Thanksgiving, too, and I see no problem with carving ‘em up for that holiday even if you did the same for Halloween.

So sit back, watch some drunken shenanigans and at least as many puns as you’d expect from this group, and gather up your ideas for your own, um, Thanksgiving pumpkin carvings.

Carrington Walsh

One of the best shows on YouTube is You Deserve A Drink, in which Mamrie Hart creates a drink with other YouTubers. [ED. NOTE: Look, we just really want you to watch Mamrie today okay.] Mamrie’s comedy is killer and when you mix that with alcohol, her comedy is taken to another level. There are so many YDADs to choose from, but I went with one of her more recents one with Connor Franta. I love Connor’s and Mamrie’s channels individually, and when you put the two characters together it’s wonderful. And of course, only Mamrie would think to call the drink they make in this episode Teen Dream Creamsicle.

Sara Parra

Epic Meal Time feels like a show whose ideas are driven by Jack Daniels with a side of more Jack Daniels, and for this video that’s exactly what’s going on. Harley’s band of creators-of-food-that-WILL-kill-you teamed up with Twitter user @yourfavwhiteguy to bring a NSFW Gentlemen Jack-infused deep fried shrimp and Gentlemen Jack-infused Beef Wellington to life.

Did I mention that they dressed up as gentlemen and shot the whole thing in a gentlemen’s club in Vegas?


Are you this entertaining when you’re drunk? Do you have friends who enable this kind of behavior? Share this article with them for ideas, get drinkin’ and make your own collab magic! (Also drink responsibly blah blah whatever.)