Twofer Tuesday Explores YouTube’s Best Collaborations

Today is Tuesday, and we like alliteration, so today we’re looking at collaborations and calling it Twofer Tuesday. Of course, some of these have more than two people in it, but deal with it.

Jenni Powell

This collab has it all: Jimmy Wong in drag, DeStorm Power as a wizard, dick jokes. This collab would have only been more awesome if George Watsky was Harry Potter and Felicia Day was Hermione, which at one point in time was actually a possibility but schedules didn’t pan out. How do I know that? Because if it’s about the internet, I know all. (And I was helping Ethan Newberry try to cast this video)

Christine Linnell

Collaborations are wonderful things – they give us the chance to see our favorite YouTubers hang out, perform together and share their thoughts on current events and important social issues. Or, you know, sit on a couch eating disgusting candy and daring each other to text stupid shit to people. Lilly Singh aka Superwoman and Kingsley sat down with a plate of those Harry Potter “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans” to do the Jellybean Challenge, with the rule that anyone who spits out a gross flavor has to perform a dare. Hilarity ensues – including the “vomit” and “earwax” flavors, Kingsley complaining to the world about his period and Superwoman leaving dirty voicemails for Tyler Oakley. Aw, friendship.

Jeff Klima

Toby Turner, Rhett & Link, Gryphon, Gabuscus & Timbuscus all together at once — how could I not choose this for a b*tchin’ example of a collab video I dig on. Some of my absolute favorite YouTubers have gathered here for Toby Turner’s podcast, Toby Sucks At Podcast. Plus, this episode of Toby Sucks At Podcast totally steered me away from buying that Nerf chaingun. I wanted one and now I do not — so that’s like $40 saved. Yay, podcast!

Maybe an interview format style podcast is a bit of a cheat when it comes to focusing on a “collaboration video,” but well, if they got together and made videos more often, maybe I wouldn’t have to choose a podcast? And did I mention Gryphon, the most awesome dog in the universe?

Rachel Kiley

Laci and Phil, before. This collab is… interesting. Watch it for yourselves!
Preview: “I’ve also described myself as a sexist feminist.”

Evan DeSimone

I couldn’t decide guys. I just could decide! I knew the minute we announced Twofer Tuesday that I was going for a Grace/Hannah/Mamrie video. There’s no better collab than a holy trinity collab, after all. The problem with choosing from such a rich tapestry of videos is that you have to, you know, actually choose. It’s a real struggle and I spent more time than I’d care to admit in a Hartbig K-hole. Finally I settled on this episode of Mamrie’s You Deserve a Drink because, frankly, I do deserve a drink after all the heartache this put me through.

Nothing sums up the OT3 quite as neatly as bad puns and alcohol so this is obviously the optimal collab experience for anyone who’s new to the trinity (how? seriously, tell me how?!) and for longtime fans. Of course if this video gives you a thirst for more, then you’ll have plenty to choose from. YouTube is absolutely overflowing with team-ups and pairups between these three funny ladies.

Logan Rapp

I’m gonna be honest with you, if we keep doing Twofer Tuesdays, you can expect my entries are going to be 90% Flula. And this collab between Flula and Madilyn Bailey is one that I actually listen to on some of my Spotify playlists. That version, of course, is way more polished than the Auto-Tunes embedded (the polished version is on Madilyn’s channel here).

But there’s something about this version that I love so much — probably because Flula’s quirks are out in full force, but it’s also that combined with Madilyn, a professional to the end, clearly dying inside trying not to laugh. That’s our boy Flula.

Sara Parra

This is a rather new collaboration but one that seems like it’s set for the ages. Steve Zaragoza and William Haynes of SourceFed have taken their antics out of the office (sort of) and into the land of the strange and bizarre.

The only thing I could ask for is more of their brilliant logic because the world is so much better for it.

Praise logic.

Carrington Walsh

I have an unhealthy obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race, and when Willam Belli, my favorite queen from Season 4, created a YouTube channel, I was over the moon. Today, I discovered that Shane Dawson and Willam did a glorious collab together, in which Willam put Shane in drag. I am a huge fan of both of their comedy, so this video was crazy fun for me to watch.

It was also fun to see Shane dressed up as a girl that wasn’t Shanaynay or Paris Hilton.

What are you waiting for? These collabs aren’t going to watch themselves! Be kind and share it with all of your best friends!