Twofer Tuesday: Whisper Challenge!

Everyone seems to be doing “Whisper Challenge” videos these days, so for this week’s Twofer Tuesday we thought we’d find out what the big deal was. Because collabs involving whispers, that sounds nice and soothing, right? Yeah, not so much. Check out some of our search results — but turn the volume on your headphones down first.

Evan DeSimone

So, today I watched A LOT of “Whisper Challenge” videos. The main thing I took away from that experience is that no one actually whispers. The majority of whisper challenges involve two YouTubers sitting across from one another screaming their lungs out while the other is wearing noise cancelling headphones. There’s nary a whisper to be heard frankly. So how did it all go so wrong? I went back to the original whisper challenge, the patient zero for this outbreak if you will, Joe Sugg’s “YouTuber Whisper Game” to find out.

What I learned is that like all challenges this game has evolved a bit over time. The original version of the whisper challenge was basically a souped up version of the grade school game telephone, with noise cancelling headphones replacing the need to actually whisper. Joe, Alfie Deyes, Zoella, and Caspar Lee all scream phrases at each other and then deliberately mangle them for our delight. There was never any whispering. It was all a cruel and vicious lie. Whisper enthusiasts be warned, the Whisper Challenge has been nothing but a shameless whisper-free charade since day one.

Sara Parra

I’m with Evan on this one, and I think it’s kind of cheating for people to yell considering the name of the game. Also, you’d have to consider that the person who’s listening to the music has to make that music louder because of the idiot who’s yelling what they’re supposed to be whispering in the first place.

At least it makes for an entertaining video though, particularly when Flula Borg gets involved.

Christine Linnell

You know what’s better than the Whisper Challenge? Drunk Whisper Challenge. Know what’s even better? British Drunk Whisper Challenge. Dodie Clark aka Doddleoddle and Hannah Witton teamed up to get tipsy on cheap champagne and play a few rounds of the game, which gets delightfully obscene and nonsensical pretty much from the first round.

Rachel Kiley

This is a weird challenge to watch. It’s probably way more funny to the people there than to those of us watching at home, I’d imagine. But thankfully, Miranda Sings and Tyler Oakley are pretty much always funny no matter what they do, so this was one of the only “whisper” challenge videos I could even make it through — with laughing! I laughed! A lot. Because they’re funny human beings.

Logan Rapp

I don’t know how the Whisper Challenge was initially played, or how it’s supposed to be played. What I do know is that Grace Helbig and Chester See are adorable together, and are really funny when they’re yelling right in each other’s faces.

So, yeah. Whatever. Have fun.