Twofer Tuesday: YouTube/Mainstream Collabs

If the Streamy Awards have taught us anything, it’s that nobody will notice YouTubers unless you stand them up next to “real” celebrities from television and movies and stuff! Okay, kidding, kidding — but still, cool things can happen when YouTube stars and their more mainstream counterparts find a way to work together.

Jeff Klima

Key & Peele are just sort of teetering on the cliff between established creators and YouTube innovators, but for my money they qualify. With one of the funniest sketch shows ever put on television, the duo are brilliantly creative and seem like guys you want to hang around with just to listen to the stories. I get that same feeling from Freddie Wong, so it completely makes sense that Key & Peele would team up with the RocketJump founder on something brilliant like this Mexican standoff gone crazy.

The first time I watched this, I just had that awed expression of “You magnificent sons of b*tches!” If I wasn’t so busy being lazy, this would be the sort of content I would want to be associated with. To explain too much more would be to give away marvellous content that shouldn’t be spoiled — you just have to watch. And laugh. As far as collabs go, you can’t ask for three better minds working together.

Carrington Walsh

Okay, so if you haven’t seen this collab, maybe you didn’t have WiFi when this video shook the internet. The Fine Bros’ React series is often times hilarious, sometimes sincere, but always quality. With this React video, the Fine Bros went to a whole new level by incorporating celebrities. Nick Cannon, Chris Hardwick, Sarah Hyland, Emily Osment, Debby Ryan, James Van Der Beek, and a few other celebs all commented on some of the extremely weird videos of the internet. Like all the other React videos, this video does not disappoint. It’s well worth the watch.

Also Ice JJ Fish’s viral music video is one of the videos they cover and he just might be my favorite terrible musician.

Evan DeSimone

The distinction between a digital star and a mainstream celebrity is increasingly an artificial one. Fame is fame regardless of its origins and star quality knows no medium. No one exemplified that truth more than the late comedy legend Joan Rivers, who launched her web show In Bed With Joan in 2012 at the age of 87. Not only did Joan embrace the medium but she embraced its stars as well. Her show featured guests like Mamrie Hart, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, Jenna Marbles, and Brittany Furlan.

As a comedian Joan Rivers was used to hitting her marks and delivering the kind of laughs her audience demanded, but like most social media stars, she discovered a new kind of freedom when she took her show online. Episodes of In Bed With Joan alternated between funny, filthy, and surprisingly poignant. That’s why I chose this episode, which features Grace Helbig as a guest. Joan and Grace banter brilliantly, but they also talk honestly about the challenges of being a female comic, their joke writing process, their famous work ethics.

Joan Rivers was a mainstream star who jumped into online media with both feet. Grace Helbig is a digital superstar who will soon cross even further into the mainstream with her late-night TV show on E!. Joan, incidentally, was the first woman ever to host in late night. This video represents a great torch passing moment between the two, and a blurring of the lines between their respective mediums. It’s also funny as hell given that it features two of the most hilarious ladies ever to work in comedy.

Christine Linnell

Here, this totally counts as a YouTube/mainstream celebrity collab: Remember lonelygirl15, that hugely popular vlog-style web series from way back in 2006 about the cute teenager on the run from a cult or something? (Sorry, I missed that particular boat, tried to watch it later and got hopelessly confused halfway through.) It turns out the actress from that show, Jessica Rose, landed a small part in the Lindsay Lohan horror classic “I Know Who Killed Me,” presumably in an effort to get the lonelygirl15 fans on board. You can catch a glimpse of Jessica at 0:24 of the trailer.

That film went on to dominate the 2008 Razzie Awards, with wins including Worst Picture, Worst Actress (two of these because – spoiler! – Lindsay played twins, you see), Worst Screenplay and Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie. So, you know, not a stellar addition to Jessica’s IMDB page. But she only had nice things to say about working with Lindsay. “From what I saw she is not how the press portrays her. In my opinion she seemed very sweet and funny and absolutely beautiful!”

Now excuse me, I need to go watch “Mean Girls” clips and feel sad.

Sara Parra

Everyone at SourceFed freakin’ loves Game of Thrones and when they got the opportunity to collaborate Richard Madden AKA Robb Stark it was an amazing infusion of awesome and the glow of a fandom realized.

Even better, they produced a fantastic episode of their popular series Table Talk in which fans suggest discussion topics to the trio.

Rachel Kiley

I’m not sure if this quite counts as established/mainstream artists collabing with a YouTuber, BUT watching these two hilarious actors from one of my favorite shows of last season, Almost Royal, get introduced to a variety of “ambassadors of the Internet” for this web spinoff of their show was one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube this year. Well, I say one, but there are actually a lot of videos in which that happens! But this particular one, featuring Mamrie Hart and the supposed ashes of Georgie and Poppy’s father, is easily one of the best. If you’ve seen either Almost Royal or Mamrie’s You Deserve a Drink, well, it’s literally a smash collision of the two worlds, which is incredibly awkward and highly entertaining.


Which YouTube celebs and mainstream stars should collaborate next? Make your suggestions in the comments!