Universe’s Favorite Singing Astronaut is Back on YouTube!

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When Chris Hadfield, the mustachioed astronaut who busted out his space guitar for a passionate cover of “Space Oddity” voluntarily took his cover of the song down from YouTube over copyright, NMR gave a collective “boo!” Though we understand and respect copyrights (mostly), some things should be sacred — and Hadfield’s electrifying cover from the International Space Station was one of those things. Well, like us, your throat might be hoarse from the continual booing, but we can all finally stop! The Thin White Duke has given a reprieve!

Chris Hadfield’s cover of “Space Oddity” has been allowed to return to YouTube, per David Bowie’s consent. Chris Hadfield’s Twitter posting states that the song has returned for a two-year stint courtesy of David Bowie and his lawyers, who officially drew up paperwork granting Hadfield access. Bowie himself called the version of the song perhaps the most poignant version … so there’s that.

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It will be interesting to see if we have to go through all this again in two years’ time. Perhaps the Great Lawyer Purge of 2015 will take care of that for us all?

But, in the meantime, get out your Tang and moonboots and prepare to rock once more:


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