Vimeo’s Claire&Max Want To Show You An Empty World

Claire&Max are a couple who travel the globe capturing the world in their own unique way. Their latest? Showing off what a depopulated London might look like in the future.

As a matter of fact all of their videos are dedicated to recreating the opening of 28 Days Later. Utilizing special effects and shooting the areas during a time when it’s less populated lends to the haunting effect of a world where humanity suddenly disappears.

In fact one of their most popular uploads, and a personal favorite of mine, Hypocentre, explores a desolate Paris:

Another video, Parallels, digs into the concept of parallel universes and the possibility of those universes disappearing:

The couple also do their fair share of urban exploring with their ‘Lost Places Project’ series:

Another series, Arch-Illusion creates a world where the sky is the limit and sky scrapers are looking to push past those into terrifying territory:

Either way, if you’re a lover of architecture and science fiction this channel has got you covered.


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