Vimeo’s High Maintenance Provides Low Maintenance Laughs


If yesterday’s Broad City trailer left you ready to sell your right arm for a chance to get stoned with Abbi Jacobson and Illana Glazer than we might have just the thing to help you manage your cravings. The premier of the comedy about two lady stoners trying, and mostly failing, to get it together in the big city is still a few months away, but Vimeo is serving up a passable placebo to pass the time. The first three episodes of the popular rebooted web series High Maintenance premiered today on Vimeo’s on demand service.

High Maintenance is a comedy of vignettes. Each episode features a character known only as “the guy” played by series co-creator Ben Sinclair, delivering weed to one of New York City’s many neurotic residents. Storylines occasionally intersect but Sinclair’s character is the main connective tissue of the series. Sinclair and co-creater Katja Blichfeld explore the many idiosyncrasies of urban life through the length of pot culture. The original series had a successful 13 episode run on Vimeo back in 2012, garnering enough fan support to convince Vimeo to revive it for six more episodes.


The series is getting a lift from the $10 million commitment to original programming that Vimeo made earlier this year. Vimeo has made an effort to target established online creators and properties that come with the benefit of built in fan support. Other beneficiaries including YouTubers like ComicBookGirl19, Joey Graceffa, and Taryn Southern who recently released her first feature film to positive reviews. High Maintenance is one of the first series to receive a funding boost from the program. Vimeo is anxious to compete with its giant streaming video neighbors like YouTube and Netflix who have also committed millions to developing their own original content. Like YouTube Vimeo’s latest effort has focused on established online creators and properties that come with the benefit of built in fan support.

The first three episodes of High Maintenance are available now on-demand with three more set to drop in January. Fans can purchase each episode for $1.99 a piece or spend $7.99 for the full set of six.


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