Watch Innocent ‘Painted Brothers’ Vid Before It’s Too Late

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.53.09 AM

I love the innocence of this video. And I’m not talking about Rider and Sawyer DiMario, the two young brothers who were sat in a bathtub to explain their paint-covered selves. I’m talking about their dad, or whomever channel-runner Mihai Patrice is. Just releasing this video with no Adsense attached? That’s potentially a six-figure paycheck missed. But I’m not like, “What an idiot!” Really, I’m excited for how wonderful it is to watch a video that doesn’t deal with a sixteen-second ad for some bullshit I’ll never want, need, nor care about just to see what all the views are about.

YouTube as an industry is still in its infancy. This is evident because the footage was uploaded on Nov. 17 and has been allowed to generate 5 million views without Jukin Media or someone else slapping an association notice on it. In the near future, the reality of YouTube will go like this: these two boys will be signed up by an MCN, the video would be monetized to hell, there will be new versions made to capitalize on the realness of it all, a musician working for the MCN will be commissioned to release a musical remix video, and these boys would spend the next several years reviewing toys or speaking as the “voices of their generation” in online commercials for pasta sauce.

And that’s probably putting it mildly because I am too short-sighted about the potential of this industry. Hell, some of that is probably already happening. And so it goes.


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