Watch This Essential PSA On Killer Robot Disposal


The thing about building a giant killer robot is that eventually you have to figure out what to do with it. You can’t just shove it in the attic at your mom’s house or leave it on the front lawn for yardsale day. No, giant robot disposal is tricky business. That’s what the guys at Sneaky Zebra learned when they tried to shut down the Geek Week robot build by the Stan Winston School and WIRED for YouTube’s Geek Week last year. It was all fun and games at Comic-Con when the robot was befriending adorable little girls in capes, but it seems that the robot got some ideas from watching the Age of Ultron trailer and he has no intention of going quietly into that good night. Fortunately there’s a tag team of YouTube’s finest FX masters on hand ready to take the awful automaton down a peg.

The Stan Winston School, Sneaky Zebra, Legacy Effects, Jimmy Wong, Clinton Jones, Mars Rising, and Screen Team, all under the guidance of their personal Professor X, Chris Hardwick of Nerdist, are able to combine forces to stop the tin tyrant just in time in this awesome video. Check it out.



Personally, the only kind of robot I like is the kind that automatically favorites my tweets, but as long as the gang are able to keep the Geek Week robot in check I guess he can stick around too.


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