Wedlock Pits Rob Corddry Vs. Marriage-Crazed Stars

At a particular age, you start getting to think about just where your life is going, and specifically who you’d like to spend that time with.

For Jennifer Lafleur’s Fiona and Mark Duplass’ Dave in Wedlock, they’ve decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other, if only they could have any sort of attraction for one another. When your relationship is in trouble (in the sense that it is nonexisting), what do you do?

Couples therapy, of course — enter Rob Corddry’s Dr. Jay, considered the best in the business.

It becomes very clear in Wedlock that Fiona and Dave, two best friends with similar personalities and receiving a barrage of suggestions that they should settle down with one another, create a plan to fall in love that teeters on the edge of sanity, sending Dr. Jay reluctantly down that spiral with them.


We spoke with Jennifer Lafleur, who also created the series, right after getting off set on a feature film. With this as the first original series to be placed on Vimeo’s on demand platform, she said “[Vimeo] loved the series and are big fans of the style of content that Mark’s created — he’s very much a pioneer of the independent world.”

Also expanding out Wedlock’s distribution to iTunes and Amazon, Lafleur found it “exciting to expand to other platforms where more people can get their eyes on it.” Vimeo’s expansion into original content is newer, which may have folks be more hesitant to adopt, but “they should because it’s such a cool platform, very filmmaker friendly. They understand not every movie’s going to get a distributor and a theatrical release. This platform gives them the possibility to recoup their investments and even maybe make some money.

“We’ve already recouped production costs, and at this point we just want to get to a wider audience and be able to independently produce more television-style content. Nearly all TV shows go through production companies and networks. And now that we’ve dabbled in short form, we can see maybe in the future independently producing for a thirty-minute format.”


With Wedlock and the people behind it, it’s hard not to see that the experiences behind “mumblecore” fare like Baghead and Humpday at play — especially considering Wedlock director Ross Partridge was the lead of Baghead, and Duplass was one of the two leads in Humpday. “Ross and I teamed up with Josh Perilo (writer) and we’d just get on the phone with Mark and Josh would record our conversations,” taking the improvised scene run-throughs and crafting a script to “pump it up with form and great jokes.”

As for Corddry, “Rob is the best. I knew him personally and asked him to do it. He jumped on board almost right away, and was game for anything and everything.” Having him play the straight man, when compared to this writer’s favorite Hot Tub Time Machine, “just shows how brilliant he really is.”


“Our job is to entertain,” Lafleur said. “And the responses we’ve gotten have been so supportive that it feels like we’ve succeeded tenfold.”

Wedlock is available on Vimeo on Demand, as well as iTunes and Amazon.


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