Women Creative Wednesday: Fitness Gurus!

With the holiday season officially upon us, we’re all facing an uphill battle in terms of staying in shape. Because we love you and care about your health, here are some of the top lady fitness gurus of YouTube, so you can keep the dreaded Holiday 15 at bay (or at least slow it down). Or you can bookmark this list and come back to it after you’re finished enjoying delicious food for the next two months because life’s too damn short — that’s also an option.

Jeff Klima

My WCW comes as a result of not my own video experience, but a fond memory of a past era. It was just another day in the trenches when my former NMR coworker, Ed, mentioned that he was going to be doing an interview with someone named “Blogilates.” I’d handpicked Ed as “Most Likely To Shoot Up The Office,” so I hadn’t put much stock in what he was telling me. Little did I know that Blogilates would turn out to be Cassey Ho — and her Blogilates channel was the beginning of a fitness empire.

Now with millions of subscribers, DVDs in Target and a whole branding effort to her name, Cassey Ho is the name I think of when I think of “YouTube” and “fitness.” I too got to interview her eventually — and found out why Ed was so taken with her. She’s a total sweetheart with a sharp mind for the business world.

Now if I could just get my lazy ass to follow her routines …

Evan DeSimone

I am not what you would call a fitness enthusiast. I work on the internet, after all; I spend most of my day sitting as still as possible. So when we discussed the idea of featuring fitness creators for this week’s #WCW I stopped shoveling cookies into my mouth long enough to groan. It’s not that I’m opposed to fitness in others, but I obviously haven’t spent a lot of time investigating it for myself. I’m hoping that in a few years I’ll just be able to upload my brain to the cloud and my total neglect of my body will be justified. Basically, I was in a bind. I needed something light, something fun, something that wouldn’t be too tough on my lazy person muscles. Then it hit me, like a bolt from the blue — I needed PRANCERCISE.

Joanna Rohrback, better known on the internet as “the Prancercise Lady,” is a fitness guru and one time internet meme who advocates “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation.” Guys… Joana Rohrback is a genius. An early video advocating her Prancercise method went massively viral turning her into an overnight internet star, but Joanna just kept on prancing. More importantly her routine is fun and low impact, perfect for a lazy bum like me.

Christine Linnell

Before I moved to LA, watching fitness gurus on YouTube seemed like the last thing I’d ever want to do. I like cheeseburgers too much and my years as a cross-country runner have left me with an irrational snobbery about dieting or going to the gym. (I get in shape by running five miles uphill both ways in the rain! Booyah! Kind of. Sometimes. When I’m not eating cheeseburgers.) But then I arrived in California and everyone around me was going on about Whole Foods and kale salads and personal trainers, and it was all kind of alarming. At such times, it doesn’t hurt to have a go-to YouTube channel where you can get the latest health tips minus the judgment.

All things considered, Sarah Dussault aka Sarah Fit is a pretty good … well, fit. She has a thorough archive of practical exercise and health food advice, she pushes back against unrealistic body image and admits to enjoying ice cream and cocktails as much as the next person, and she’s perky and motivational without making you want to punch yourself. Plus she’s a runner with long-term goals of conquering the Boston Marathon, so she’s got me beat on the “uphill both ways” front.

Sara Parra

When asked about fitness on YouTube my first thought was Cassey Ho, but Jeff already nailed how awesome Cassey is. My next thought however, was Amanda Russell. Along with being a big proponent of body positivity, Russell provides tough, full body workouts that really push your body to its limits.

On top of that she also has a ton of quick workouts for those of us who are trying to jam as many hours into our days a possible. Seriously, she has a 4-minute workout. It’s perfect for early birds like myself who have loads of time before work in the morning, but not so much later in the day.

Carrington Walsh

My WCW isn’t one girl, but a team of girls. I used to be a competitive cheerleader so I have serious admiration for cheerleaders. One of my favorite series on YouTube is the show Cheerleaders, about the three-time World Champion team Smoed. These girls are not only crazy fit, but they work their butts off for that championship ring. These girls sweat, cry, and push themselves to unbelievable lengths. Watching them practice and perform amazes me. So hats off to the girls of Smoed!


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