Women Creative Wednesday: Meet My Furry Friend!

For last week’s WCW we featured mommy vloggers, so it’s only fair to give some attention to YouTubers who decided to just get a pet instead. Check out some of the internet’s most famous furry animals and the women who love them.

Evan DeSimone

Like any sane human being I love Grace Helbig and that love extends beyond her physical self and into all the things that she brings into our lives because I am a weirdo. One of the best things that Grace has shared with us, beyond her rapier wit, is her dog. Goose is the ideal sidekick for Grace in that she has zero interest in participating in videos and routinely needs to be wrestled into the frame. A more poised animal wouldn’t suit Grace’s uniquely awkward style.

Goose doesn’t get nearly enough screen time in my opinion, but when she does it’s always for a worthy cause. Consider, for instance, the video above in which she reviews Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here.” This was Lily’s first single after a long hiatus, and as such it was subject to intense scrutiny. Many were concerned that Allen lacked the feminist credentials necessary to make such bold statements about women in the music and entertainment industry, but was was really missing from the debate was a canine perspective. Who better to weigh in than an dog living her life on the brink of stardom?

Jeff Klima

We decided to write about women creators with awesome pets and so I immediately shrieked out, “I’m covering Jenna Marbles’ dogs!” Okay, I didn’t shriek, but I made it known pretty damn fast. Kermit and Mr. Marbles are two of my favorite internet animals. I think I chose them because the sheer amount that Jenna promotes her pups tells me that she loves the hell out of them — and if this video is to be believed, she got a new one named Paesh or something. But Jenna’s a serious dog owner who even started a line of doggy toys — and as a fellow dog owner who started a line of dog toys (really it’s just that they take my slippers for chewtoys), I salute her.

Plus, she makes them do crude things, which is right up my alley.

Logan Rapp

Because Jeff did not pick Taryn Southern, against the inevitable momentum of the universe, such matters fall to me, because I f**kin’ love Taryn’s cat Tiggie. Seeing its multi-claw/teeth flytrap maneuver is never not funny/adorable, partially because it’s probably drawing blood and I find great joy in petty things like patiently accepting battle damage from a furball that you chose to own.

She isn’t the most graceful of cats and always seems about a hair’s breadth away from completely eating shit. Tiggie also plays fetch. There’s a playlist of her shenanigans here.

Christine Linnell

Everyone seems to be going for cute, lovable animals today, but let’s be real: sometimes a pet just eats your food, barely tolerates you and is unpleasant to be around. For instance — meet Alexis G Zall, a precocious 16-year-old actress and YouTuber with a VICIOUS HELLBEAST disguised as a cat. After several occasions of “Confucius” appearing in the background of her videos, Alexis decided to grit her teeth, haul the creature into her lap and soldier through every question in the “Meet My Furry Friend” tag while it snarled, hissed and scratched at her face.

I pretty much knew I was going to like this girl when she hissed back at her cat, got a claw to the mouth and yelled “YOU WHORE!”

Sara Parra

While all these guys are talking about their puppies and kittens, it should be noted that not all pets are of the canine/feline variety. For example, Zoe Sugg keeps a pair of guinea pigs and they are goddamn adorable.

Did you know guinea pigs chirp? Not in an annoying way, it’s just how they express themselves, but nothing is cuter than a happy guinea pig chirping.

Carrington Walsh

Gina from PrankvsPrank loves her cats. She loves them a lot. That’s why I felt so bad for her when Jesse from PrankvsPrank decided it would be funny to pretend one of her cats fell out of the window. This WCW goes out to you, Gina, because I cannot imagine how scary that must have been.

Rachel Kiley

I have known Katie Wilson’s dog Lucky since she was a wee pup, so it would almost be cruel of me to not write about her.

Lucky doesn’t appear in enough of Katie’s videos, sadly (*ahem* Katie, please change that), but when she does, she just sits around looking super adorable and dopey, two things I can assure you she is fantastic at offscreen, as well. Oh, and she has Marbles and Kermit toys, tying it all back into JennaMarbles, who I’m pretty sure is the YouTube Patron Saint of Dogs.

Meanwhile, Katie makes a lot of videos about video games and medieval/fantasy stuff, which is also pretty cool even if it often doesn’t involve dogs.


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