Women Creative Wednesday: Mommy Vloggers!

For this week’s WCW, we thought we’d give some love to the thriving community of “mommy vloggers” on YouTube, making funny and/or instructional videos about their adorable, demanding kids. We managed to get at least three entries that aren’t tinged with horror at the very idea of having offspring and being responsible for their wellbeing for 18+ years — that’s pretty good for us.

Evan DeSimone

Here at NMR we love a triple threat. That’s why when we decided we wanted to talk about YouTube’s coolest moms the first person that came to my mind was Kandee Johnson. Not only is she a makeup artist and style guru who specializes in amazing pop-culture transformations over on her main channel (check out her tutorials on how to turn yourself into a flawless Effie Trinkett or Angelina Jolie), she also shares pieces of her life with her three awesome kids Ellie, Blake, and Jordan, over on her vlog channel Kandeeland.

To paraphrase the modern sage Amy Poehler, she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. YouTube is a huge part of her life professionally and she’s made it a part of her family’s life too so they have something they can share. The kids get most of the spotlight here. Toddlers Blake and Ellie get to share their favorite toys while teenage Jordan prefers to talk movies with his mom. We get to see a different side of Kandee too, the woman behind all the amazing makeup, and it’s definitely a fun ride.

Sara Parra

One of the most vivid memories I have of my mother is when she used to braid my hair right before bed. At the time, my hair used to reach past my knees, so brushing and braiding it became a nightly ritual to try and tame my messy locks.

Mommy vlogger Mindy McKnight has six children, five of whom are girls, so the simple braid right before bed is obviously not going to cut it. I was never a stylish kid, I didn’t really vie to make my hair nice at school, but if I did, my mother would absolutely have looked this mom’s videos up.

Her tutorials are comprehensive and detailed, which is great for beginners. Also, since pretty nail styles are also in fashion, she also has a separate channel for at-home nail designs for the kids.

Christine Linnell

Cheryl Edwards is the mother of six young boys, a thought that makes me so exhausted that I might go lie down for a minute. This brave, brave woman documents her parenting adventures on her aptly-named TheMomOf6Boys channel, which landed a viral hit with this alarming footage of one of her twin toddlers (TWIN. TODDLERS.) escaping from his crib.

I, however, would like to draw attention to the above video, in which she plays an April Fool’s prank by convincing her older boys that they don’t know how to spell their own names. She sits them down on camera, asks them to start spelling and then cuts them off with “That’s wrong. No. Wrong. Start over.” (At one point, she tells her exasperated son Dylan that he’s wrong on the first letter.)

As someone whose father spent years of my childhood telling me that salmonella poisoning was “semolina poisoning” until it blew up in my face in a Home Economics class, can I just say that pranks like this can mess a kid up. (There is a reason I was hired at NMR to obsessively nitpick everybody about correct wording, folks.) Cheryl will be lucky if those boys don’t rebel as teenagers and communicate in nothing but text speak because SCREW SPELING WE H8 IT LOL.

I do love how the video ends on the dazed, uncomprehending silence of her son as she soothes, “Good job. You’re awesome. … I love you?”

Rachel Kiley

When you hear the name Taryn Southern, the first thing you think of probably isn’t “mommy vlogger.” It’s probably more like “music parodies” or “aww, what a cute cat” or if you read a lot of NMR, “isn’t that the girl Jeff Klima posts about like every day?”

But look, Taryn has all the advice you could ever need about parenting. Educate yourself. And enjoy.

Carrington Walsh

Louise Watson, otherwise known as SprinkleofGlitter, is one of my favorite YouTubers. While most of SprinkleofGlitter’s channel is not mommy related, the videos she does with her daughter, Darcy, are absolutely adorable. I am a baby lover, so this video killed me with Darcy’s toddler talk and squeals. I mean, who doesn’t love hyper toddlers answering your Twitter questions?

Jeff Klima

Katilette Carl, Shay Carl’s wife, isn’t just my favorite mommy vlogger on YouTube, she’s the only one I know off the top of my head. Yes, there are many, no, I do not care. Like several of my co-workers and contemporaries, I am firmly against the idea of kids. I don’t want them, I don’t want to watch videos about ways to raise them. That being said, I do check in with the Shaytards from time to time to see how it’s going for them. I think they are up to a hundred kids now, so if nothing else, Katilette is something of an authority on mommying.

If I ever find a baby in a dumpster and decide to keep it for my own, hers would be the channel I would watch to see which end I stick the bottle in. So as far as complimenting YouTube babymamas goes for me, well, that’s about as high as it gets.


Do you have any favorite mommy vloggers who inspire you to become better parents, or maybe swear off parenthood altogether? Tell us in the comments!