Women Creative Wednesday: Thanksgiving Recipes!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so if you need some ideas for your holiday table, then … you really put this off until the last minute and should have been more organized, to be honest. All the same, we’ve picked out some great recipes from the talented ladies of YouTube to get you started.

Evan DeSimone

In honor of her disappointing elimination on Dancing With The Stars I looked back through the Bethany Mota archives for something seasonal. Bethany is a master of all things DIY so I knew she’d have some fun tips for easy Thanksgiving treats. As usual the reigning princess of YouTube didn’t let me down. This tutorial on how to make adorable pilgrim hat cookies are just the thing I need to win over my relatives and trick them into thinking I’m excited to see them. Deceive your family with tiny hats this holiday season as well!

Cat O’Grady

You may know Mia as the talented artist from our own show #DrawMyNews (which also has a Thanksgiving episode that you should click on right now,) but Mia is also the co-host on 2BrokeGeeks. Along with fellow broke geek Omar, these two discuss exactly what one might expect from a show called 2BrokeGeeks. And, they never disappoint for the Holidays! Just as I was worried that I would have to starve on my meager Holiday budget, I found this delightful Thanksgiving gem. It’s not exactly geeky, but I’ll let it slide because it has information about brownies in a cup.

Jeff Klima

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. is my choice for a good cooking channel because I was really mean to host Laura during an interview sometime last year. I asked her all sorts of questions about, I don’t know, eating meat and whatnot. Basically it was a lot of questions she didn’t want to answer. It was during a series we did on Tastemade creators and we ended up just omitting her channel because she didn’t want to play by our rules. I always kind of respected her choosing her values over publicity and even though I threw her some shade at the time, I want to give her channel some love now. I’m still a dick, but I am happy to admit it. Does this make me a better person? I’d like to think so, but probably not. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all. Just in time for Thanksgiving, here is her Halloween video.

Sara Parra

While this Nerdy Nummies video isn’t strictly just for Thanksgiving, it is perfect for the holiday season.

Hot cider and sugar cookies have been bringing families together for as long as people have had access to the rum they usually put in it. All joking aside though, this does look damn delicious and I will be creating the recipe for my friends and loved ones tomorrow.

Christine Linnell

This is the third time in the last week I’ve written about alcohol, but hey, what are the holidays for. Here are a couple of delicious, family-drama-fortifying, Thanksgiving-themed shot recipes from the one and only Mamrie Hart. I can’t decide if I’d like the Pumpkin Pie Shot or the Pecan Pie Shot better, so I guess I’ll have to make them both.


What festive treats will you be making with your family tomorrow? … Oh, Chinese takeout? By yourself? Uh, sorry. This is awkward. Anyway, don’t forget to share!