Young Turks Outraged Over Homophobic ‘Ass Hunter’ Game

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The Google Play store just removed an extremely homophobic game called Ass Hunter from its inventory — and the Young Turks have plenty to say about it. As you might suspect, their outrage isn’t directed at the removal of the game, but that it outright exists and that 10,000 of their fellow humans downloaded it.

The game, which essentially features the caveat “Kill or Be Raped,” stars a hunter walking through a park with a gun. Naked men come running at him and he either shoots them dead or they rape him.

“What the f**k is wrong with people?” co-host Ben Mankiewicz sputters at one point.

Well, there’s a lot wrong with people, Ben. A lot more than a game like Ass Hunter can tell you. And as fellow co-anchor Steve Oh points out, 10,000 downloads is actually not that big a number when you consider app downloads. Maybe there is hope for some of us yet?

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