Your Broad City Cheat Sheet For Season 2


Today has been a rough day on the internet, but just when things were at their darkest a light shone through the gloom. That light was the trailer for season two of Abbi Jaconson and Ilana Glazer’s brilliant web series turned Comedy Central hit show, Broad City. The trailer dropped today and it’s the perfect tonic whether you’re suffering from YouTube abuse fatigue, a prolonged “Too Many Cooks” hangover, or just a standard case of the Mondays. But before you check out the trailer allow me to remind you why Abbi and Ilana are perfect genius angels of the internet.

They know exactly how we feel on payday.

They’ve got the Amy Poehler seal of approval. Do you want to disagree with Amy Poehler? Are you a monster? What is wrong with you?!

They created the single greatest character in all of modern media. Behold the wonder that is Garol.

Garol is pretty much everything, but if there’s anything left over then it belongs to Judith Light (dog version).

The most responsible adult on this entire show is the hilarious Hannibal Burress.

They paint a flawlessly accurate picture of both a strong female friendship grounded in genuine affection, and of the bourgie old money hellscape that is New York’s upper east side.


Basically, the ladies of Broad City are an inspiration to us all.

Now that you’ve had a thorough introduction to Abbi and Ilana you are prepared, both emotionally and spiritually to watch the Season 2 trailer.



If you want more Broad City Season 1 is available on both Netflix and Hulu. You can also check out the original Broad City web series, all 18 episodes of which are just waiting for you to gently caress the play button on YouTube.

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